Your brakes are a major part of your driving experience, so you've likely found yourself wondering, "when does my car need new brakes?" on occasion. Your brakes are made up of a variety of parts that work together to give your MINI the stopping power that you need, so replacing your brakes is more about replacing the individual components as they wear out, which they can do at different rates. So, the best thing to do is to bring your car in for regular brake checkups to gauge the condition of your brake system.

Replacing Your Brake Components

Your brake system is made up of different parts like brake pads, rotors, and calipers. Monitoring these parts individually is the key to understanding when your car needs replacement brake components. For example, if your brake pads are worn down to less than a quarter of an inch, it's time to replace them.

Our team of MINI service experts serving Rockland and Quincy are equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to check your brakes and determine if there are any parts that need the be replaced. If you do need new brake pads, replacement rotors, or other new brake components, you can depend on us to use genuine MINI parts from our vast parts inventory to ensure that your MINI model has the powerful stopping power you require for a safer driving experience.

Schedule Brake Service

If you're curious about the condition of your brakes and when to replace them, our team can help here at our MINI service center near Norwell and Hingham. Schedule service today, and our team of MINI technicians will be happy to tend to all your brake service needs near Pembroke.

Please feel free to call with any questions!

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