2023 MINI Countryman vs Kia Soul

There’s a lot to love about crossover SUVs like the MINI Countryman and Kia Soul. These unique vehicles add a lot of personality to your Rockland, Plymouth, and Weymouth, MA, travels. While both offer features you’re sure to love, such as powerful performance and one-of-a-kind design choices, you can choose only one to drive.

See how these vehicles compare in a head-to-head competition by reading through this 2023 MINI Countryman vs. Kia Soul comparison the team at South Shore MINI created.

Plug-in Hybrid Capabilities of the MINI Countryman

Perform Your Way: 2023 MINI Countryman vs Kia Soul Capabilities

Small but mighty, the MINI Countryman and Kia Soul pack a punch that’s sure to elevate your travels. Equipped with a standard 1.5L TwinPower Turbo 3-cylinder engine, the MINI Countryman churns out 134 horsepower with ease. This is plenty of power to zip around town like you’re the star of an action movie.

On the flip side, the Kia Soul comes equipped with a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that produces 147 horsepower. While the Soul offers more standard power, this vehicle is limited to just one engine configuration, while the MINI Countryman offers three available configurations.

When equipped with the most powerful 2.0L TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine with double VANOS, the MINI Countryman can achieve up to 301 horsepower.

Another win for the MINI Countryman in terms of capabilities is its optional plug-in hybrid configuration. When electric mode is enabled, you can feel confident in no vehicle emissions. Without a hybrid option, the same can’t be said about the Kia Soul.

Union Jack Design of the MINI Countryman

Stand Out in the Crowd: MINI Countryman vs Kia Soul Design Features

As a driver of a uniquely shaped crossover, you’re not shy about standing out in a crowd. Beyond the basic shape of these vehicles, the MINI Countryman and Kia Soul make it their mission to help you stand out thanks to exterior colors like green, red, and blue.

If you can’t decide on one color, go ahead and double up thanks to the available 2-tone colors offered with both models.

While there are several similarities between the MINI Countryman and Kia Soul, only when you drive the MINI Countryman do you gain access to features like:

  • Circular center touchscreen display
  • 4 different wheel designs
  • Union-jack design rear lights

Inside, choose from three upholstery types with the MINI Countryman instead of being limited to two options with the Kia Soul.

For an extra touch of regency, opt for the available Chesterfield Leather upholstery. It’ll pair perfectly with the union-jack exterior elements.

Driving a MINI

Your Extra Pair of Eyes: 2023 MINI Countryman vs Kia Soul Safety Features

Fun is the middle name of the MINI Countryman and Kia Soul. From their design to their performance capabilities, these crossover SUVs make sure every second of your commute is filled with non-stop fun.

These vehicles come equipped with numerous driver-assistive features to ensure the unexpected never throws you off course. Features like Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning come standard on both vehicles, but that’s where the similarities end.

The MINI also comes standard with Park Distance Control sensors that alert you of potential hazards while you reverse your vehicle into a parking spot. Unfortunately, no similar feature is offered with the Kia Soul.

2023 MINI Countryman vs Kia Soul: Which Will You Choose?

There’s a lot to love about your Rockland, Plymouth, and Weymouth, Massachusetts, travels, especially when you drive a crossover SUV like the 2023 MINI Countryman or Kia Soul. While both are great choices, only one can be the winner.

Based on the results of our MINI Countryman vs. Kia Soul comparison, the MINI Countryman gets our vote based on its additional performance, design, and safety features.

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