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Why is My Car AC Blowing Hot Air?
The first thing you want to do when you enter your car on a steamy day is to turn on the air conditioning. “But why is my car AC blowing hot air?” you wonder. Wonder no more and enjoy comfortable temperatures while driving around Rockland, Plymouth, and Weymouth, Massachusetts, after you read this quick guide from South Shore MINI.
Reasons for Blowing Hot Air
A handful of different reasons may cause hot air to blow from your car’s air conditioning. We list the reasons below, and then we encourage you to schedule an appointment online, so that our capable service team can resolve it, and you can be cool once again.
Refrigerant Leak
The refrigerant enables your air conditioner to blow cold air. The air conditioning system compresses, condenses, dries, and evaporates the refrigerant to cool the air in the cabin. A leak can prevent enough cooled air from being produced.
To determine if there is a leak, a service professional can take a look. Unfortunately, a refrigerant leak will not leave a visible stain. You may spot some oily residue at the source, but it could be in a less visible place, one that a service pro can find with the proper tools and knowledge.
Blocked or Faulty Condenser
The condenser in your air conditioning unit converts the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid, a necessary step for the system. The condenser has several thin metal fins that can easily get blocked through daily usage. Being extremely sensitive and delicate, they can become damaged and stop working as efficiently.
Broken Compressor or Inoperable Clutch
The compressor circulates cold air around the cabin of your car. If your car doesn’t contain enough refrigerant, overheats, or lacks lubrication among the parts, it cannot perform its job.
A clutch engages the compressor when it’s needed. If the clutch is inoperable, the compressor cannot circulate the air when the AC is turned on.
What If There’s Low or No Airflow?
Even more frustrating than hot air blowing is when there is low or no airflow. Below are a few reasons why this could happen.
Clogged Air Filter
An older air filter that needs changing could result in low or no airflow, or you may notice a musty odor. Alternatively, the ventilation system may need to be cleared of leaves. A plastic grate at the bottom of the windshield could be full of them, and clearing it out may help. Some leaves may have also slipped into the grate.
Broken Blower Motor
The blower motor moves the air to and from the areas in the cabin. If it’s not working, you may experience no to low air flow.
Electrical Issuesr
Any electrical issue or failure may contribute to very little or no airflow in the cabin. Faulty wiring to your air conditioner can limit or prevent airflow.
Schedule AC Repair at South Shore MINI
Now that you know the potential causes for your car AC blowing hot air or experiencing very little or no airflow, you can address the issue. To keep cool around Rockland, Plymouth, and Weymouth, MA, schedule AC repair at South Shore MINI. Schedule service today.
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